What makes us different?

“Our mission is simply to restore our customer’s cars to the highest possible standard. What makes us different is an ability to pay unrelenting attention to every little detail, whilst keeping the bigger picture in view. We set out to restore each car as if every individual part was being judged, as if it were being graded by each component in its own right. Regardless of marque, the standard is the same – make it correct in every detail, down to the last nut and bolt. That’s what delivers an award winning restoration.

Restoration is a process of discovery and we want to serve as trusted adviser throughout. We are grateful for the cooperation and goodwill of our clients and friends, whose passion and involvement contribute greatly to each successful project. We are privileged in our endeavors and extend sincere thanks to each of you for past, present and future opportunities.  At the end of the day we are all only the custodians of these great automobiles, responsible for restoring and preserving them for the next generation.”

Jeff Snyder. Owner.

Fine Motoring Restorations